For over a decade, MARK has been capturing the world through the lens of A camera, starting as A teenager, his passion for storytelling has taken him across the globe. Mark's experience allows him to see the world through a unique perspective.
From the frosty expanseS of the Arctic to the hustle and bustle of NYC, from the hidden corners of Uganda and Nigeria to the colourful tapestry of Central America and Europe, Mark's adventures have been nothing short of BEAUTIFUL. He's not just a seasoned traveler, but a storyteller who thrives on exploring new environments and bringing their unique narratives to life.
Mark's work has BEEN showcased on platforms at Tribeca Film Festival, Imaginative Film Festival, on HBO, Nowness, Rolling Stone and Vimeo Staff Picks.
When the camera stops rolling, you'll find Mark planning his next adventure, IMMERSING in ice water, RUNNING, READING, EXPLORING OUT IN nature, OR PEOPLE WATCHING OUT FRONT OF HIS FAVOURITE CAFE. 
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